Shana, children's entertainer Shana Banana, Children's Entertainer


WHAT'S THE SHOW? BANANA BREAD is a metaphorical cooking show featuring recipes for life. Shana Banana leads a cast of four children, costumed character Snickles B. Bear (and his superhero alter-ego, Super B. Bigley), costumed character Bulle B. Bull., and dog puppets Hal and Henson as they make banana bread. While the flour, sugar, eggs, oil, mashed bananas and baking powder are always added the same way, the life recipe and its ingredients change on each episode! For example, in the "Good Health" episode, they make Banana Bread with the following "ingredients":  exercise (flour), hygiene (sugar), nutrition (eggs), sleep (oil), and hugs (bananas).  In the first season, "Banana Bread" covers the following thirteen themes and their respective recipes:  Animal Friends, Bedtime, Birthdays, Bully 411, Cooperation, Counting, Courage, Good Health, Healthy Planet, Reading , Senses, Strangers, and Water Safety.  Using a creative combination of fun, interactive songs, problem-solving with the puppets and characters, a superhero who always comes to the rescue, and cooking yummy bread, viewers are made to feel like a part of the show while they dance, sing and learn. Shana Banana and crew's positive, infectious energy keep them tuned in week after week.

WHO'S IT FOR? Children 2-7 and families


Print pictures of Shana, Hal and Henson to color.

Come to the Attic and play Dress-up with Shana Banana.

Play the Recycle Game and see if you can put everything in the right container.

Earth Scouts

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